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The rapid development of the sciences and technologies are remarkable and are continuing to develop at an even greater pace. Further developments of advanced sciences and technologies are essential to construct an abundant human society in harmony with earthNULLs environment. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering is located in Ibaraki Prefecture where many advanced science research institutions and enterprises are gathered. We promote combining the education of students of the graduate school with the cooperative research of industry, university, government and private enterprise. A number of graduates trained in a respected study and research environment are taking an active part in society. Also, we have achieved significant research results in the wide field of atomic science synthesis and more.

To everyone at university and technical college specialist course, NULLDo you think you have acquired enough basic knowledge?NULL NULLIs the acquisition of communication ability, problem solving and special knowledge enough to pass on to society?NULL NULLHow about going on to graduate school aiming at raising your ability as an engineer and researcher by discovering both the enjoyable and difficult aspects of research?NULL Recently, many enterprises are actively hiring students who have a MasterNULLs degree. In this MasterNULLs program, a high number of graduates find employment because of our emphasis on acquiring specialized knowledge based on a solid education foundation, cultivating insight, and by putting particular emphasis on training students to solve problems. During the MasterNULLs program, many students give a research paper presentation at an international conference. Furthermore, a number go on to the DoctorNULLs program doing further study and research, aiming at becoming highly trained professional engineers and researchers.

To everyone who works at an enterprise, NULLHow about communicating and conducting a joint research with the professors of this Masters course?NULL The professorsNULL special fields are listed in our home page. If you are interested, any small technical collaborations are welcomed. So, please contact us and become a cooperating member among industry, government and our university innovation creation organization. (Phone No. 0294-38-5089)

Also, while making the most of your experiences as a working adult, would you like to acquire a DoctorNULLs degree by doing research under the support of this Doctoral programNULLs teaching staff? Utilizing your knowledge and expanding your horizons concerning research and development of new fields can benefit you and Japan!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Hitachi campus!

Mitsuru Baba,
Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

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