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The Graduate School of Science and Engineering, with its MasterNULLs and Doctoral programs, dates back to 1995 when the Graduate Schools of Engineering and Science, with their MasterNULLs programs, were merged and improved. In 2004, the new major field of Applied Beam Science was adopted at the school in order to educate engineers and researchers in neutron science. The school now has 9 MasterNULLs and 6 Doctoral majors covering a wide range of science and engineering fields, for which a full-time teaching staff of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering provides outstanding activities to accomplish the following objectives:

(1) Education of persons of talent who can evaluate and solve problems by systematically employing scientific knowledge, and who can acquire practical specialties and deep insight into nature and human society.

(2) Contribution to sustainable development in society that will be in harmony with the natural environment through the promotion of academic studies on an international level.

Based on these objectives, the school shall admit those students who have a strong motivation for learning, an inquisitive mind, creativity, and ability to execute a plan. The students will carry out advanced research from international and interdisciplinary viewpoints, and contribute to the development of industrial, cultural and scholarly activities through feedback of their academic achievements to real world problems.

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