Composition of subjects and requirements of completion

Composition of subjects

The graduate school of Ibaraki University aims to cultivate highly trained specialists to actively lead in the creation of an information -based society, and to gather talented and exceptionally knowledgeable new recruits who support an information- based society. For that purpose, we aim to acquire outstanding expert knowledge and abilities of specialized  fields, as well as cultivate a broad knowledge and a basic knowledge concerning one's chosen field. To realize these goals, the following graduate school subjects are offered.

Common subjects Graduate school common subjects These subjects are to cultivate broad knowledge, overhead vision, and professional knowledge.
Graduate school of Science and Engineering common subjects These subjects are given by the Science and Engineering Department to cultivate basic scholarship and knowledge closely related to one's specialty.
Major subjects These are subjects to acquire high expert knowledge and abilities related to one's chosen field.
Crossing type program's subject In the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Master's program, we provide a distinctive interrelated education program that allows the   completion of plural fields simultaneously..The students who satisfy this program's completion requirements, as well as their major field completion requirements, will be given a certificate of completion of the program by  the head of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Completion Requirements

To complete the master's program, you must acquire more than 30 total credits  of required subjects, elective required subjects, and elective subjects. Moreover, you must pass the thesis presentation and final examination after receiving research guidance.

Please refer to the registration guidance about necessary credit number to complete each major.