Interdisciplinary Education Program

Nuclear Power Engineering Educational Program

Program Outline

In recent years, the nuclear power industry has regained attention as the main technology to solve the ever increasing problems of the global environment, and limited energy resources. This is an educational program to study systematically about nuclear engineering. This program is for students attending the first term of graduate school who have studied at one of the following departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, or Materials Science and Engineering.

To achieve our goals, we offer the students well balanced lectures relating to nuclear power engineering, a study curriculum that enhances understanding and the utilization of what is learned, enlightening experiments, and important practice inside the university and at neighboring nuclear power plants and related institutions cooperating with our program. We are also introducing an online education system where students attending nuclear power courses at universities can take live lectures at the same time through electronic media.

Educational Goal

Through nuclear power engineering related lectures and through the study of experiments with practical training, we aim at training engineers specializing in the nuclear power engineering field as well as training engineers in other specialized fields requiring a basic knowledge of nuclear power engineering.

Specialists' Abilities

The specialists will take charge in the areas of design, operation, maintenance, research, and development concerning the industrial world of nuclear power.

Distinction of the Program

  • Cooperative lecture: Practical lectures by invited lecturers from surrounding nuclear power research facilities.
  • Cooperative graduate school network: You are able to take nuclear power related lectures at other universities.
  • Extramural training at neighboring nuclear power related facilities.
  • Specialized English education in a small class.

Possible Extramural Training Facilities

  • JAPAN Atomic Energy Agency
  • Nuclear related equipment manufacturing companies, etc.


Cooperative Advanced Creation Informatics Educational Research Program

This program aims at promoting advanced fusion research and advanced informatics through training new IT specialists of informatics.

The program is carried out in cooperation with Ibaraki University, Utsunomiya University, and Saitama University. The following courses will be established:

(1) Human Creation Informatics Course

The course will concentrate on the relation between humanity and IT. Our aim is to develop services and technologies that will bring greater safety, economy and comfort to all people.

(2) Society Creation Informatics Course

The course will delve into the relation between society and IT. Our aim is to construct a model regarding how society, environment, and information relate to one another. We also aim to develop services and technologies that will help with the creation of new businesses.