Social Infrastructure System Science

Faculty Members

Position Name Research field Link
Professor AKABANE Hideo Theory and application of 1/f noise  
Professor IMAI Yoh Opto-electronics, Terahertz engineering Lab
Professor WU Zhishen Computational fracture and failure mechanics, Fibres and FRP technologies, Advanced sensor technologies, Structural health monitoring and control, Maintenance and life-cycle engineering and Disaster prevention and mitigation Lab
Professor UEDA Yoshikazu Software Engineering, Project Management Lab
Professor UMEHIRA Masahiro Communications Network Engineering, Wireless Communications Engineering Lab
Professor KAMADA Masaru Information and Communication Engineering, Mechanics and Control Engineering, Intelligent Informatics Lab
Professor KIN Toshiaki Transportation Planning and Regional Planning, Environmentally Sustainable Transport,Compatibility of Personal Travel Modes and Road Design, A Semantic Study of Moving and Life Environment, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Lab
Professor KUROSAWA Kaoru Cryptography Lab
Professor KUWAHARA Yuji Image processing and analysis of satellite data Environmental surveying, Generation of national land information using GIS Lab
Professor KOBAYASHI Kaoru Soil Foundations Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Geotechnical engineering Lab
Professor SAIGUSA Mikio Nuclear Fusion Science, Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Lab
Professor SHINNOU Hiroyuki Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Statistics Lab
Professor SUZUKI Tomoya Complex System, Data Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Information Engineering, Financial Engineering Lab
Professor TAKEDA Shigeki Wireless communication system, Antenna system Lab
Professor TSUBOI Kazuhiro Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab
Professor TONOOKA Hideyuki Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Spatial Information System Lab
Professor NAKA AKIRA    
Professor NUMAO Tatsuya Creep, Drying Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete, Recycle of Industrial Wastes as Construction Material, Detection of Defects in Concrete by Infrared Thermography method Lab
Professor NOBUOKA Hisamichi Prevention of coastal disasters, Integrated coastal zone management, Impact assessment of Storm surge disaster in climate change Lab
Professor HABUCHI Hiromasa Information and Communication Engineering Lab
Professor HARADA Takao Maintenance management engineering, Information processing system for civil engineering Lab
Professor HOSHINO Osamu Brain science, Neural network, Mathematical neuropsychology Lab
Professor MIYAJIMA Teruyuki Signal Processing for Communications Lab
Professor YAMADA Minoru Traffic Engineering and Regional Planning Lab
Professor YOKOKI Hiromune Global and Coastal Environment Engineering: Investigation of physical environments on coastal zone, Adaptation options to climate change Lab
Professor YONEKURA Tatsuhiro Informatics, Computer Science Lab
Associate Professor UEHARA Kiyohiko Fuzzy systems, Computational intelligence  
Associate Professor UNO Katsuhiro Fundamental optics, Optical instrumentation and measurement, Information optics  
Associate Professor KIMURA Takayuki Imaging Devices, Integrated Circuits  
Associate Professor KUMAZAWA Takayuki Landscape and Urban design, Architecture and city planning Lab
Associate Professor KURUMATANI Mao Computational Mechanics and Applied Mechanics. Development of numerical evaluation methods for quasi-brittle materials and structures Lab
Associate Professor SODA Naoya Numerical electromagnetic field analysis, Nonlinear magnetic properties Lab
Associate Professor TAKEDA Koujin Theory of statistical physics, Random system in physics, Information theory Lab
Associate Professor HIRATA Terumitsu Transportation Systems Engineering, Transport Policy, Air Transportation Systems and Airport Planning Lab
Associate Professor FUJITA Masafumi Water and Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment Engineering Lab
Associate Professor YANAI Hiro-Fumi Human informatics, Mathematical brain science Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA Mitsuhiro Kansei informatics, Human interface and interaction Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA Takayuki Adaptive Learning System  
Associate Professor YOKOTA Hirohisa Optoelectronics, Fiber-optic communication system