Major in Science


This major in science is composed of five courses, providing graduate students with curricula corresponding to fundamental and well-established fields of science. The courses are Mathematics-Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Sciences. The major aims at educational and research activities, cultivating in establishing a profound knowledge and research ability in the corresponding courses. The major also aims at acquiring widespread knowledge in related interdisciplinary fields of scientific interest and culture so that students can respond flexibly to changes in our present society.

Faculty Members

Department of Mathematics and Informatics

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KIMURA Makoto icon Differential Geometry Lab
Professor SHIMOMURA Katsunori icon Potential theory  
Professor NAKAI Eiichi icon Real and harmonic analysis Lab
Professor HASEGAWA TAKEHISA icon Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics Lab
Professor FUJIMA Shoichi icon Numerical analysis and computation algorithm  
Professor MURASHIGE Sunao icon Nonlinear waves, Numerical analysis Lab
Professor WATANABE Shinya icon Mathematical modeling & numerics  
Associate Professor AIBA Akira icon Algebraic number theory  
Associate Professor ANDO Hiroshi icon Partial differential equation  
Associate Professor IRIYEH HIROSHI icon convex body, symplectic structure, Hamiltonian system  
Associate Professor OHTSUKA Fumiko icon Differential geometry  
Associate Professor SUZUKI Kanako icon Partial differential equations, analysis on nonlinear phenomena  

Department of Astrophysics

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor TSURIBE Toru Theoretical Astrophysics  
Professor MOMOSE Munetake icon Radio astronomy, formation of stars and planetary systems, radio interferometry Lab
Professor YOSHIDA Tatsuo High energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy  
Professor YONEKURA Yoshinori icon Radio Astronomy, Star Formation, Observational Studies using Hitachi and Takahagi 32-m Radio Telescopes  
Associate Professor KATAGIRI Hideaki icon Gamma-ray astrophysics Lab

Department of Chemistry

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor OHASHI Akira icon Development of new methods of synthesis, separation, and detection utilizing liquid-liquid interface as reaction field Lab
Professor KIM Haeng-Boo icon Space- and time-resolved spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Photochemistry of coordination compounds  
Associate Professor KAGOSHIMA Hirotaka icon Development of new synthetic organic reactions using metallic reagents  
Associate Professor SHIMAZAKI yuichi icon Synthesis and reactivities of metal complexes containing biological molecules  

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Visiting Professor TAKEZAWA Yoshitaka    
Visiting Professor FUKAYA Norihisa    

Department of Biology

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KANOU Kouki icon Ichthyology Lab
Professor KITADE Osamu icon Ecology and evolution of termites and symbiotic microorganisms  
Professor NODA Satoko icon Environmental agriculture, Applied microbiology, Biodiversity and systematics Lab
Associate Professor OIKAWA Shimpei icon Plant ecophysiologycal ecology: leaf phenology, nitrogen use and carbon balance with emphasis on global change issues Lab
Associate Professor Suzuki Takumi Drosophila melanogaster, neural develpment, neural sten cells, insects  
Associate Professor NAKAZATO Ryoji icon The studies on biodiversity and environmental preservation of Lake Kasumigaura  
Associate Professor FUTAHASHI MIZUKO icon Molecular biology, Insect science  
Associate Professor MOROOKA Fuki icon Ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny of social insects Lab
Assistant Professor Kobayashi Yusuke 葉緑体DNA, 葉緑体核様体, 相同組換え, 細胞内共生  

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Visiting Professor SUZUKI Masashi Molecular biology of growth factors  

Department of Earth Sciences

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor OKADA Makoto icon Paleomagnetism, paleoceanography, studies for reconstruction of paleoenvironmental changes from lake and deep sea sediments  
Professor KAWAHARA Jun icon Solid earth physics, seismic wave propagation, and earthquake ground motion  
Professor KITA Kazuyuki icon Atmospheric environment, ozone and aerosols, remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases  
Professor KOARAI MAMORU Geography, Geology, Natural disaster/Disaster prevention science, Geography, Geography, Environmental impact assessment  
Professor NOZAWA Satoshi icon Solar physics, MHD simulation and astrophysics  
Professor Hashizume Ko icon Isotope Volatile Water Organics Moon Planet Meteorite Early-Earth Life Atmosphere  
Associate Professor HASEGAWA Takeshi icon Volcanic geology, Igneous petrology Lab
Associate Professor FUJIYA WATARU icon Meteorites, Solar system, Isotopes, Mass spectrometry Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA TAKUJI icon Seismology, Volcanology, Seafloor Geodesy, Kilauea volcano, Self-similarity of earthquakes, Stress drop, Rupture speed Lab
Associate Professor WAKAZUKI YASUTAKA Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology, Natural disaster/Disaster prevention science  
Lecturer YAMAGUCHI Naofumi icon Sedimentology, Coastal morphodynamics Lab