Major in Quantum Beam Science

Faculty Members

Department of Environmental Radiation Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor TAUCHI Hiroshi icon Radiation biology: Mechanism of DNA damage repair Lab
Professor TACHIBANA Akira icon Molecular mechanisms of radioadaptive response and radiation mutagenesis  
Professor TORIKAI Yuji Nuclear Fusion, Tritium, Environmental Radiation  
Professor NAKAMURA Asako icon The Chromatin Response to DNA Damage and its role in Genome and Cellular Integrity Maintenance Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KAKINUMA Shizuko Molecular mechanism of radiation carcinogenesis  
Professor KINASE Sakae Radiation Protection、 Radiation Dosimetry  
Professor YOKOYA Akinari Radiation Biophysics: Physicochemical processes of molecular and cellular effects of radiation  

Department of Quantum Science and Engineering of Materials

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor IGA Fumitoshi icon Functional material design, crystal growth, and those physical-properties research which is mainly concerned with magnetism  
Professor IKEDA Teruyuki icon Thermoelectric materials, porous metals, nonequilibrium processing, combinatorial methods, atomic diffusion, phase diagram, phase transformation, solidification Lab
Professor IWAMOTO Chihiro icon Transmission Electron Microscopy, Nanoanalysis, Welding, Interface Engineering Lab
Professor KUWAHARA keitaro icon Condensed matter physics, neutron scattering experiments, magnetism in strongly correlated electron systems  
Professor SAKAGUCHI Makoto icon Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity and Superstring Theory  
Professor SASAJIMA Yasushi icon Computer experiments on materials, Science and technology of thin solid films Lab
Professor SATO Shigeo icon Quantum-beam material science, metallography Lab
Professor SUZUKI Tetsuya Plastic Deformation of Crystals, Texture  
Professor TAKAHASHI Haruyuki icon Applied Physics of Property and Crystallography  
Professor NAKAGAWA Naoko Statistical physics and thermodynamics in nonlinear nonequilibrium, theoretical biophysics  
Professor NISHI TSUYOSHI icon 材料設計に必要な高温における実用材料の熱物性測定・評価 Lab
Professor FUKUI Takahiro icon Condensed matter physics  
Professor FUJIWARA Takanori icon Elementary particle physics and field theory  
Professor MINATO Atsushi Applied Optics, Image Processing, Kansei Engineering Lab
Professor YOKOYAMA Makoto icon Low temperature physics on strongly correlated electron Lab
Associate Professor IWASE Kenji icon 機能材料、水素貯蔵材料、X線回折、中性子回折  
Associate Professor SATO Naoyuki icon Plasma Science and Engineering Lab
Associate Professor TASHIRO Suguru icon 摩擦撹拌接合, 異種金属間接合, LSI用Cu配線, Alワイヤボンディング, たたら製鉄  
Associate Professor Nakano Takehito icon nanostructure physics, magnetism, optical properties, cluster, zeolite Lab
Associate Professor NISHINO Souichiro   Lab
Associate Professor HYAKUTAKE Yoshifumi icon Elementary Particle Physics, Superstring Theory Lab
Lecturer NAGANO Takatoshi icon Plastic working Simulation using Particle Method, Ab initio Calculation  
Lecturer YOKOTA Hitoshi icon Surface Physics Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor OHASHI Kenya    
Professor KAGAWA Hiroyuki    
Professor HIRADE Tetsuya Radiation Chemistry, Positron Science, Positron and Positronium Chemistry Lab

Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor UNNO Masaki icon Chemistry Related to Living Body, Structural Biochemistry Lab
Professor EGUCHI Mika icon Battery and Energy Chemistry Lab
Professor icon Biophysical chemistry on the structure-function relationship of photosynthetic pigment-protein supramolecular complexes Lab
Professor KITANO Takashi icon Phylogenetic and polymorphic analyses of nucleotide sequence data Lab
Professor KIMURA Shigenobu icon Structure and function of electrotransfer proteins  
Professor KOHZUMA Takamitsu icon Studies on structure and function of proteins through vibrational spectroscopy  
Professor KOBAYASHI Yoshio icon Development of methods for preparing functional materials by liquid phase reaction  
Professor SATO Itaru icon Natural product chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry  
Professor NISHIKAWA Hiroyuki icon Functional Material Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Lab
Professor FUKUMOTO Hiroki icon pai-conjugated polymer, polyaromatic hydrocarbon Lab
Professor FUJISAWA Kiyoshi icon Study on structures and spectroscopic properties of transition metal model complexes in biochemistry  
Professor Mori Seiji icon Computational chemistry on reaction mechanisms of stereoselective reactions/metal-mediated reactions and biosyntheses of biological active compounds Lab
Professor MORIKAWA Atsushi icon Synthesis of functional polymers using polycondensation  
Professor YAMAUCHI Satoshi icon Semiconductor Devices and Multifunctional Integration  
Professor YAMAGUCHI Akira icon Development and analytical applications of nanoporous materials Lab
Associate Professor AGOU Tomohiro icon 有機典型元素化学, 有機金属化学 Lab
Associate Professor SHOMURA Yasuhito icon   Lab
Associate Professor NAKASHIMA Kouichi icon Low Temperature Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Functional Ceramics Lab
Lecturer Yamauchi Noriko icon 微粒子, ナノ粒子, 複合粒子, ポリマー, 糖鎖  
Assistant Professor KURAMOCHI Masahiro icon 結晶構造ダイナミクス, Antifreeze Protein, 放射光, X線, 1分子計測  
Assistant Professor KONDO Masaru icon Asymmetric synthesis, Photoresponsive catalyst, Environmentally friendly synthesis, chemoinformatics, photochemistry  
Assistant Professor Joutsuka Tatsuya icon   Lab
Assistant Professor Yamaguchi Takahide icon    

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor YAMAGUCHI Kenji Quantum Beam Science, Nuclear Engineering  

Department of Beam Line Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor ISHIGAKI toru    
Professor IWASA Kazuaki icon neutron scattering, X-ray scattering, strongly correlated electron system, structural transition Lab
Professor OTOMO Toshiya    
Professor OHOYAMA Kenji icon Materials Science using Neutron scattering technique, Developments of Novel techniques of Neutron scattering Lab
Professor OKU Takayuki    
Professor KUSAKA katuhiro 中性子構造生物、結晶構造解析、TOF中性子回折  
Professor KOIZUMI Satoshi Functional Materials/Device Lab
Professor TANAKA Ichiro Neutron structural biology and development of neutron diffractometer and methods of crystal growth Lab
Professor METOKI Naoto Actinide, Rare-earth, Crystal structure, Magnetic structure, Dynamical properties, Electron state, X-ray and Neutron scattering  
Associate Professor Iinuma Hiromi icon Experimental physics by use pf polarized muon beam  
Associate Professor HOSHIKAWA akinori Powder neutron diffraction, Crystal structure analysis  
Associate Professor YAMADA taro Neutron protein crystallography  
Visiting Associate Professor KONDO Yasuhiro    
Visiting Associate Professor SATO Tetsuya    
Lecturer NODA Yohei icon Small Angle Neutron Scattering, Electron Spin Resonance, Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, Polymer composite material  
Lecturer HOSOYA takaaki Crystal chemistry, Solid-state organic chemistry, Neutron diffraction  
Assistant Professor Maeda Tomoki ソフトマテリアル Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KUNIEDA Satoshi