Complex System Science

Faculty Members

Position Name Research field Link
Professor ANDO Hisao Sedimentary geology and paleontology (elucidation of stratal formation processes, and reconstruction of paleoecological evolution of fossil biota) Lab
Professor ISHIMI Yukio DNA replication in human cells focusing on MCM proteins  
Professor IZUOKA Akira Molecular magnetism and conductivity. Preparative studies on gold nanoparticles.  
Professor ICHIMURA Fumio Algebraic number theory  
Professor ITOH Goroh Basics and Applications of Plastic Forming, Heat Treatment  
Professor ITO Nobuhide Abrasive Machining  
Professor INAGAKI Terumi Thermal Engineering,Infrared Engineering,Fluid Engineering,Environmental Engineering Lab
Professor INUI Masatomo Fast and precise algorithms for geometric processing, and their applications for automating machine production  
Professor UDONO Haruhiko Science and Engineering of Semiconducting Silicides, Energy Conversion and Optoelectronic Devices Lab
Professor ENDO Yasuhiko Plant systematics, comparative anatomy and morphology of plants Lab
Professor OKA Hirokazu Evolution Equations  
Professor OKADA Makoto Paleomagnetism, paleoceanography, studies for reconstruction of paleoenvironmental changes from lake and deep sea sediments  
Professor ORIYAMA Takeshi Development of highly efficient and selective reactions toward environmentally benign organic syntheses. Studies on chemical synthesis of biological substances Lab
Professor KAWAHARA Jun Solid earth physics, seismic wave propagation, and earthquake ground motion  
Professor KANTO Yasuhiro Computational Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics Lab
Professor KITA Kazuyuki Atmospheric environment, ozone and aerosols, remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases  
Professor KITADE Osamu Ecology and evolution of termites and symbiotic microorganisms  
Professor KIM Haeng-Boo Space- and time-resolved spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Photochemistry of coordination compounds  
Professor KIMURA Makoto Differential Geometry Lab
Professor KURAMOTO Shigeru Design of engineering materials  
Professor KURIHARA Kazumi Electromechanical energy conversion, Permanent-magnet machine Lab
Professor KOARAI MAMORU    
Professor KOJIMA Jun-ichi Taxonomy, phylogenetics and social evolution of vespid wasps Lab
Professor KONDO Ryou Control Engineering, Control of Mechanical Systems, Robotic Engineering Lab
Professor KONNO Mitsuru Internal Combustion Engine, Combustion Chemistry, Non-conventional Fuels Lab
Professor SHIMAKAGE Hisashi Superconducting Electronics, Microwave devices Lab
Professor SHIMIZU Jun Micro/Nano Tribology, Ultra-precision Machining Lab
Professor SHIMOMURA Katsunori Potential theory  
Professor ZHOU Libo Precision Engineering, Nano-micro fabrication, Measurement and evaluation Lab
Professor SUZUKI Masashi Molecular biology of growth factors  
Professor SUZUKI Satoshi Soundness of plasma facing components for fusion reactors  
Professor TANAKA Nobuatsu Computational Fluid Dynamics, Environmental and Nuclear Engineering, Parallel Processing Lab
Professor TANAKA Kotaro Thermal engineering, Combustion chemistry, Laser spectroscopy Lab
Professor TSUJI Ryusuke Laser engineering, Computer simulation Lab
Professor NAKAI Eiichi Real and harmonic analysis Lab
Professor NAGAYAMA Kazuaki Cell Biomechanics, Micro-Nano Manipulation, Mechanobiology,  
Professor NIKI Yuzo Biomedical Engineering Lab
Professor Hashizume Ko Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry  
Professor HASEGAWA Hiroshi Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, chaotic dynamics, time series analysis, artificial intelligence  
Professor BABA Mitsuru Three-Dimensional(3-D) Image Sensing and Intelligent Measurement Technology Lab
Professor HIRASAWA gou Semiclosed Operator, Q-metric  
Professor FUJINAWA Akihiko Research for magmatic processes in subduction environment by means of rock-forming mineralogy and petrochemistry. Reconstruction and elucidation of explosive volcanisms utilizing testimonial documents together with volcanic geological techniques  
Professor FUTAKAWA Masatoshi Advanced energy materials, Structural dynamics of nuclear engineering systems  
Professor HORIUCHI Toshio Partial differential equation (particularly, PDE of elliptic type and variational problem)  
Professor HORIBE Tadashi Elastodynamics, Computational Mechanics, Inverse Analysis of Cracks Lab
Professor MASUZAWA Toru Bio-mechatronics, Magnetically suspended artificial heart, Magnetically levitated motor, Medical engineering Lab
Professor MURASHIGE Sunao Nonlinear waves, Numerical analysis Lab
Professor MOMOSE Munetake Radio astronomy, formation of stars and planetary systems, radio interferometry Lab
Professor MORI Yoshikazu Welfare Robotics, KANSEI Robotics, Mechatronics Lab
Professor YANAGIDAIRA Takeshi Pulsed Power Engineering Lab
Professor YAMAMURA Yasuo Plant ecology; Ecophysiology of trees, vegetation dynamics of forests  
Professor YANG Zijiang Adaptive and Robust Control for Uncertain Systems, Modelling and Identification for Control Systems, and System Control Engineering Related Signal Processing , Soft Computing etc. Lab
Professor YOSHIDA Tatsuo High energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy  
Professor YONEKURA Yoshinori Radio Astronomy, Star Formation, Observational Studies using Hitachi and Takahagi 32-m Radio Telescopes  
Professor WADA Tatsuaki Generalized thermostatistics, Mathematical engineering  
Associate Professor AONO tomosuke Condensed Matter Theory, Nano Science  
Associate Professor UNO Masatoshi Electric Power Engineering/Electric Equipment Engineering Lab
Associate Professor OHASHI Akira Development of new methods of synthesis, separation, and detection utilizing liquid-liquid interface as reaction field Lab
Associate Professor OZEKI Kazuhide Bio-materials, Thin-film formation, Inorganic materials Lab
Associate Professor ONUKI Teppei Applied optics in manufacturing, Micro system engineering, Nano-materials Lab
Associate Professor KAGOSHIMA Hirotaka Development of new synthetic organic reactions using metallic reagents  
Associate Professor KATAGIRI Hideaki Gamma-ray astrophysics Lab
Associate Professor KURUMADA Akira Engineering Materials, Structural and Functional materials  
Associate Professor KOMINE Takashi Functional materials and electronic device engineering Lab
Associate Professor SHIMAZAKI yuichi Synthesis and reactivities of metal complexes containing biological molecules  
Associate Professor SHIMIZU Toshimi Vibration Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, Robotics  
Associate Professor SHIROMA Naoji Mobile Robotics, Teleoperation, Computer Vision  
Associate Professor TSURIBE Toru Theoretical Astrophysics  
Associate Professor NAKAMURA Masashi Environmental harmony design, Strength reliability of high polymer materials Lab
Associate Professor NISHI Yasuyuki Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery Lab
Associate Professor NOZAWA Satoshi Solar physics, MHD simulation and astrophysics  
Associate Professor FUKAYA Norihisa    
Associate Professor FUKUOKA Yasuhiro Robot Engineering, Dynamic Robot Lab
Associate Professor HOSOKAWA Takuya Basic Analysis  
Associate Professor MATSUMURA Kunihito Thermal Engineering Lab
Associate Professor MICHITSUJI Yohei Vehicle Engineering, Control Engineering Lab
Associate Professor MIYAJIMA Keiichi Formalized Mathematics Lab
Associate Professor YAMASAKI Kazuhiko Material Processing/Treatment, Production Engineering/Processing Studies Lab