Faculty Members (Doctoral Program)

Major in Quantum Beam Science

Environmental Radiation Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor TAUCHI Hiroshi icon Radiation biology: Mechanism of DNA damage repair Lab
Professor TACHIBANA Akira icon Molecular mechanisms of radioadaptive response and radiation mutagenesis  
Professor TORIKAI Yuji    
Professor NAKAMURA Asako icon The Chromatin Response to DNA Damage and its role in Genome and Cellular Integrity Maintenance Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KAKINUMA Shizuko Molecular mechanism of radiation carcinogenesis  
Professor KINASE Sakae Radiation Protection、 Radiation Dosimetry  
Professor YAMAGUCHI Kenji Quantum Beam Science, Nuclear Engineering  
Professor YOKOYA Akinari Radiation Biophysics: Physicochemical processes of molecular and cellular effects of radiation  

Material Engineering and Quantum Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor IGA Fumitoshi icon Functional material design, crystal growth, and those physical-properties research which is mainly concerned with magnetism  
Professor IKEDA Teruyuki icon Nano Structural Science, Metallic Physical Properties, Composite Materials/Physical Properties, Structural/Functional Materials Lab
Professor IWAMOTO Chihiro icon Transmission Electron Microscopy, Nanoanalysis, Welding, Interface Engineering Lab
Professor OHTA Hiromichi icon Thermophysical properties, Composite materials Lab
Professor KUWAHARA keitaro icon Condensed matter physics, neutron scattering experiments, magnetism in strongly correlated electron systems  
Professor SAKAGUCHI Makoto icon Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity and Superstring Theory  
Professor SASAJIMA Yasushi icon Computer experiments on materials, Science and technology of thin solid films Lab
Professor SATO Shigeo icon Applied Optics/Quantum Optical Engineering, Material Processing/Treatment, Metallic Production Engineering Lab
Professor SUZUKI Tetsuya Plastic Deformation of Crystals, Texture  
Professor TAKAHASHI Haruyuki icon Applied Physics of Property and Crystallography  
Professor NAKAGAWA Naoko Statistical physics and thermodynamics in nonlinear nonequilibrium, theoretical biophysics  
Professor FUKUI Takahiro icon Condensed matter physics  
Professor FUJIWARA Takanori icon Elementary particle physics and field theory  
Professor MINATO Atsushi Applied Optics, Image Processing, Kansei Engineering Lab
Associate Professor IWASE Kenji icon Structural/Functional Materials  
Associate Professor SATO Naoyuki icon Plasma Science and Engineering Lab
Associate Professor SATO Masahiro    
Associate Professor Nakano Takehito icon Condensed matter physics I, Condensed matter physics II Lab
Associate Professor NISHI TSUYOSHI icon Metallic Physical Properties, Inorganic Material/Physical Properties Lab
Associate Professor NISHINO Souichiro   Lab
Associate Professor HYAKUTAKE Yoshifumi icon Elementary Particle Physics, Superstring Theory Lab
Associate Professor YOKOYAMA Makoto icon Low temperature physics on strongly correlated electron Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KAGAWA Hiroyuki    
Professor HIRADE Tetsuya Radiation Chemistry, Positron Science, Positron and Positronium Chemistry Lab

Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor UNNO Masaki icon Chemistry Related to Living Body, Structural Biochemistry Lab
Professor EGUCHI Mika icon Battery and Energy Chemistry Lab
Professor OTOMO Seiu icon Biophysical chemistry on the structure-function relationship of photosynthetic pigment-protein supramolecular complexes Lab
Professor KITANO Takashi icon Phylogenetic and polymorphic analyses of nucleotide sequence data Lab
Professor KIMURA Shigenobu icon Structure and function of electrotransfer proteins  
Professor KOHZUMA Takamitsu icon Studies on structure and function of proteins through vibrational spectroscopy  
Professor KOBAYASHI Yoshio icon Development of methods for preparing functional materials by liquid phase reaction  
Professor SATO Itaru icon Natural product chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry  
Professor NISHIKAWA Hiroyuki icon Functional Material Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Lab
Professor FUKUMOTO Hiroki icon Polymer Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Functional Material Chemistry Lab
Professor FUJISAWA Kiyoshi icon Study on structures and spectroscopic properties of transition metal model complexes in biochemistry  
Professor Mori Seiji icon Computational chemistry on reaction mechanisms of stereoselective reactions/metal-mediated reactions and biosyntheses of biological active compounds Lab
Professor MORIKAWA Atsushi icon Synthesis of functional polymers using polycondensation  
Professor YAMAUCHI Satoshi icon Semiconductor Devices and Multifunctional Integration  
Professor YAMAGUCHI Akira icon Development and analytical applications of nanoporous materials Lab
Associate Professor AGOU Tomohiro icon Organic chemistry, Functional solid state chemistry, Synthetic chemistry Lab
Associate Professor KUMAZAWA Noriyuki Biological Chemistry  
Associate Professor SHOMURA Yasuhito icon Structural biochemistry, Functional biological chemistry, Biophysics Lab
Associate Professor NAKASHIMA Kouichi icon Low Temperature Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Functional Ceramics Lab

Beamline Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor IWASA Kazuaki icon Condensed matter physics II : Strongly correlated electron systems, Magnetism, Density wave, Condensed matter physics I : Phonon properties, Quantum beam science (Neutron and X-ray) Lab
Professor OTOMO Toshiya    
Professor OHOYAMA Kenji icon Materials Science using Neutron scattering technique, Developments of Novel techniques of Neutron scattering Lab
Professor OKU Takayuki    
Professor KOIZUMI Satoshi Functional Materials/Device Lab
Professor TANAKA Ichiro Neutron structural biology and development of neutron diffractometer and methods of crystal growth Lab
Professor METOKI Naoto    
Associate Professor Iinuma Hiromi icon Particle/Nuclear  
Lecturer HOSOYA takaaki Crystal chemistry, Solid-state organic chemistry, Neutron diffraction  

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor KUNIEDA Satoshi    

Major in Complex Systems Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor AONO tomosuke icon Condensed Matter Theory, Nano Science  
Professor ANDO Hisao icon Sedimentary geology and paleontology (elucidation of stratal formation processes, and reconstruction of paleoecological evolution of fossil biota) Lab
Professor ICHIMURA Humio icon Algebraic number theory  
Professor ITOH Goroh icon Basics and Applications of Plastic Forming, Heat Treatment  
Professor ITO Nobuhide icon Abrasive Machining  
Professor INAGAKI Terumi icon Thermal Engineering,Infrared Engineering,Fluid Engineering,Environmental Engineering Lab
Professor INUI Masatomo icon Fast and precise algorithms for geometric processing, and their applications for automating machine production  
Professor Iwaji Yoshitaka    
Professor UDONO Haruhiko icon Science and Engineering of Semiconducting Silicides, Energy Conversion and Optoelectronic Devices Lab
Professor ENDO Yasuhiko icon Plant systematics, comparative anatomy and morphology of plants Lab
Professor OKA Hirokazu icon Evolution Equations  
Professor OKADA, Makoto icon Paleomagnetism, paleoceanography, studies for reconstruction of paleoenvironmental changes from lake and deep sea sediments  
Professor ORIYAMA Takeshi Development of highly efficient and selective reactions toward environmentally benign organic syntheses. Studies on chemical synthesis of biological substances Lab
Professor KAWAHARA Jun icon Solid earth physics, seismic wave propagation, and earthquake ground motion  
Professor KANTO Yasuhiro icon Computational Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics Lab
Professor KITA Kazuyuki icon Atmospheric environment, ozone and aerosols, remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases  
Professor KITADE Osamu icon Ecology and evolution of termites and symbiotic microorganisms  
Professor KIM Haeng-Boo icon Space- and time-resolved spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Photochemistry of coordination compounds  
Professor KIMURA Makoto icon Differential Geometry Lab
Professor KURAMOTO Shigeru icon Design of engineering materials  
Professor KOARAI MAMORU Geography, Natural disaster/Disaster prevention science, Geology, Geotechnical engineering, Earth system and resources engineering  
Professor KOJIMA Jun-ichi icon Taxonomy, phylogenetics and social evolution of vespid wasps Lab
Professor KONDO Ryou icon Control Engineering, Control of Mechanical Systems, Robotic Engineering Lab
Professor KONNO Mitsuru icon Internal Combustion Engine, Combustion Chemistry, Non-conventional Fuels Lab
Professor SHIMAKAGE Hisashi icon Superconducting Electronics, Microwave devices Lab
Professor SHIMIZU Jun icon Micro/Nano Tribology, Ultra-precision Machining Lab
Professor SHIMOMURA Katsunori icon Potential theory  
Professor ZHOU Libo icon Precision Engineering, Nano-micro fabrication, Measurement and evaluation Lab
Professor TANAKA Kotaro icon Thermal engineering, Combustion chemistry, Laser spectroscopy Lab
Professor TANAKA Nobuatsu icon Computational Fluid Dynamics, Environmental and Nuclear Engineering, Parallel Processing Lab
Professor TSUJI Ryusuke icon Laser engineering, Computer simulation Lab
Professor TSURIBE Toru Theoretical Astrophysics  
Professor NAKAI Eiichi icon Real and harmonic analysis Lab
Professor NAKAMURA Masashi icon Environmental harmony design, Strength reliability of high polymer materials Lab
Professor NAGAYAMA Kazuaki icon Cell Biomechanics, Micro-Nano Manipulation, Mechanobiology, Lab
Professor NISHI Yasuyuki icon Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery Lab
Professor Hashizume Ko icon Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry  
Professor HASEGAWA Hiroshi icon Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, chaotic dynamics, time series analysis, artificial intelligence  
Professor HIRASAWA gou icon Semiclosed Operator, Q-metric  
Professor FUJIMA Shoichi icon Numerical analysis and computation algorithm  
Professor HORIUCHI Toshio icon Partial differential equation (particularly, PDE of elliptic type and variational problem) Lab
Professor MASUZAWA Toru icon Bio-mechatronics, Magnetically suspended artificial heart, Magnetically levitated motor, Medical engineering Lab
Professor MURASHIGE Sunao icon Nonlinear waves, Numerical analysis Lab
Professor MOMOSE Munetake icon Radio astronomy, formation of stars and planetary systems, radio interferometry Lab
Professor MORI Yoshikazu icon Welfare Robotics, KANSEI Robotics, Mechatronics Lab
Professor YANAGIDAIRA Takeshi icon Pulsed Power Engineering Lab
Professor YANG Zijiang icon Adaptive and Robust Control for Uncertain Systems, Modelling and Identification for Control Systems, and System Control Engineering Related Signal Processing , Soft Computing etc. Lab
Professor YOSHIDA Tatsuo High energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy  
Professor YONEKURA Yoshinori icon Radio Astronomy, Star Formation, Observational Studies using Hitachi and Takahagi 32-m Radio Telescopes  
Professor WADA Tatsuaki icon Generalized thermostatistics, Mathematical engineering  
Associate Professor ANDO Hiroshi icon Partial differential equation  
Associate Professor IRIYEH HIROSHI icon Geometry  
Associate Professor UNO Masatoshi icon Electric Power Engineering/Electric Equipment Engineering, Control engineering/System engineering Lab
Associate Professor OIKAWA Shimpei icon Plant ecophysiologycal ecology: leaf phenology, nitrogen use and carbon balance with emphasis on global change issues Lab
Associate Professor OHTSUKA Fumiko icon Differential geometry  
Associate Professor OHASHI Akira icon Development of new methods of synthesis, separation, and detection utilizing liquid-liquid interface as reaction field Lab
Associate Professor OZEKI Kazuhide icon Bio-materials, Thin-film formation, Inorganic materials Lab
Associate Professor ONUKI Teppei icon Applied optics in manufacturing, Micro system engineering, Nano-materials Lab
Associate Professor KAGOSHIMA Hirotaka icon Development of new synthetic organic reactions using metallic reagents  
Associate Professor KATAGIRI Hideaki icon Gamma-ray astrophysics Lab
Associate Professor KANOU Kouki icon Ichthyology Lab
Associate Professor KURUMADA Akira icon Engineering Materials, Structural and Functional materials  
Associate Professor KOMINE Takashi icon Functional materials and electronic device engineering Lab
Associate Professor SHIMAZAKI yuichi icon Synthesis and reactivities of metal complexes containing biological molecules  
Associate Professor SHIMIZU Toshimi icon Vibration Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, Robotics  
Associate Professor SHIROMA Naoji icon Mobile Robotics, Teleoperation, Computer Vision  
Associate Professor SUZUKI Kanako icon Partial differential equations, analysis on nonlinear phenomena  
Associate Professor NAKAZATO Ryoji icon The studies on biodiversity and environmental preservation of Lake Kasumigaura  
Associate Professor NOZAWA Satoshi icon Solar physics, MHD simulation and astrophysics  
Associate Professor HASEGAWA Takeshi icon Volcanic geology, Igneous petrology Lab
Associate Professor HASEGAWA TAKEHISA icon Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics Lab
Associate Professor FUKUOKA Yasuhiro icon Robot Engineering, Dynamic Robot Lab
Associate Professor FUTAHASHI MIZUKO icon Molecular biology, Insect science  
Associate Professor HOSOKAWA Takuya icon Basic Analysis  
Associate Professor MATSUMURA Kunihito icon Thermal Engineering Lab
Associate Professor MICHITSUJI Yohei icon Vehicle Engineering, Control Engineering Lab
Associate Professor MIYAJIMA Keiichi icon Formalized Mathematics Lab
Associate Professor MOROOKA Fuki icon Ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny of social insects Lab
Associate Professor YAMASAKI Kazuhiko icon Material Processing/Treatment, Production Engineering/Processing Studies Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA TAKUJI Solid Earth Planet Physics Lab
Associate Professor WAKAZUKI YASUTAKA    
Associate Professor WATANABE Shinya icon Mathematical modeling & numerics  
Lecturer FUJIYA WATARU icon Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Lab
Assistant Professor YAMAGUCHI Naofumi icon Sedimentology, Coastal morphodynamics Lab

Cooperative Graduate School System

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor SAKAI Masanori Electrochemistry: Development of battery technologies, and development of functional materials based on orthogonal array experiments Lab
Professor FUTAKAWA Masatoshi Advanced energy materials, Structural dynamics of nuclear engineering systems  
Associate Professor FUKAYA Norihisa    

Major in Society's Infrastructure Systems Science

PositionNameOne-page summaryResearch fieldLink
Professor AKABANE Hideo icon Theory and application of 1/f noise  
Professor WU Zhishen icon Computational fracture and failure mechanics, Fibres and FRP technologies, Advanced sensor technologies, Structural health monitoring and control, Maintenance and life-cycle engineering and Disaster prevention and mitigation Lab
Professor UEDA Yoshikazu icon Software Engineering, Project Management Lab
Professor UMEHIRA Masahiro icon Communications Network Engineering, Wireless Communications Engineering Lab
Professor KAMADA Masaru icon Information and Communication Engineering, Mechanics and Control Engineering, Intelligent Informatics Lab
Professor KIN Toshiaki icon Transportation Planning and Regional Planning, Environmentally Sustainable Transport,Compatibility of Personal Travel Modes and Road Design, A Semantic Study of Moving and Life Environment, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Lab
Professor KUWAHARA Yuji icon Image processing and analysis of satellite data Environmental surveying, Generation of national land information using GIS Lab
Professor KOBAYASHI Kaoru icon Soil Foundations Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Geotechnical engineering Lab
Professor SAIGUSA Mikio icon Nuclear Fusion Science, Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Lab
Professor SHINNOU Hiroyuki icon Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Statistics Lab
Professor SUZUKI Tomoya icon Complex System, Data Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Information Engineering, Financial Engineering Lab
Professor TAKEDA Shigeki icon Wireless communication system, Antenna system Lab
Professor TSUBOI Kazuhiro icon Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab
Professor TONOOKA Hideyuki icon Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Spatial Information System Lab
Professor NAKA AKIRA icon Communication/Network engineering  
Professor NOBUOKA Hisamichi icon Prevention of coastal disasters, Integrated coastal zone management, Impact assessment of Storm surge disaster in climate change Lab
Professor HABUCHI Hiromasa icon Information and Communication Engineering Lab
Professor HARADA Takao icon Maintenance management engineering, Information processing system for civil engineering Lab
Professor FUJIYOSHI Akio icon Fundamental Informatics  
Professor HOSHINO Osamu Brain science, Neural network, Mathematical neuropsychology  
Professor MIYAJIMA Teruyuki icon Signal Processing for Communications Lab
Professor YAMADA Minoru Traffic Engineering and Regional Planning Lab
Professor YOKOKI Hiromune icon Global and Coastal Environment Engineering: Investigation of physical environments on coastal zone, Adaptation options to climate change Lab
Professor YONEYAMA Kazuki icon Information security Lab
Associate Professor UEHARA Kiyohiko icon Fuzzy systems, Computational intelligence  
Associate Professor UNO Katsuhiro icon Fundamental optics, Optical instrumentation and measurement, Information optics  
Associate Professor UMEZU Nobuyuki icon Computer Graphics, Image Database Lab
Associate Professor OHTAKI Yasuhiro icon Computer System Network, Fundamental Informatics Lab
Associate Professor KIMURA Takayuki Imaging Devices, Integrated Circuits  
Associate Professor KUMAZAWA Takayuki icon Landscape and Urban design, Architecture and city planning Lab
Associate Professor KURUMATANI Mao icon Computational Mechanics and Applied Mechanics. Development of numerical evaluation methods for quasi-brittle materials and structures Lab
Associate Professor SHIBANOKI Taro icon Dimension elimination, Biosignal processing, Human-machine interface, Medical diagnosis support system Lab
Associate Professor SODA Naoya icon Numerical electromagnetic field analysis, Nonlinear magnetic properties Lab
Associate Professor TAKEDA Koujin icon Theory of statistical physics, Random system in physics, Information theory Lab
Associate Professor Tsujimura Sohei icon Architectural Environmental Engineering, Architectural Acoustics, Environmental  
Associate Professor HIRATA Terumitsu icon Transportation Systems Engineering, Transport Policy, Air Transportation Systems and Airport Planning Lab
Associate Professor FUJITA Masafumi icon Water and Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment Engineering Lab
Associate Professor YANAI Hiro-Fumi icon Human informatics, Mathematical brain science Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA Mitsuhiro icon Kansei informatics, Human interface and interaction Lab
Associate Professor YAMADA Takayuki icon Adaptive Learning System  
Associate Professor YOKOTA Hirohisa icon Optoelectronics, Fiber-optic communication system  
Lecturer KOMIYA Kanako icon Knowledge processing including data mining and natural language processing Lab
Lecturer SASAKI Minoru icon Intelligent Informatics Lab
Assistant Professor KOZAWA Yusuke icon Digital communications, wireless communication systems, and optical wireless communication systems  
Assistant Professor MASUNAGA Eiji icon Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology, Environmental dynamic analysis